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Title: Unfix The Ari Wallenmeier Story


Synopsis: At age 11, Ari Wallenmeier was forced into Conversion Therapy after a brief incident with another boy. Now “fixed” and 35 years old, Ari contemplates marriage to his fiancée Ava. But chronic scars of childhood shame and adult doubt finally collide under the stress of a pandemic, sending their relationship into jeopardy.

A first-time examination of the long-term effects from Conversion Therapy and the controversial practice of Surrogate Partner work.


Genre: Feature, Suspense-Drama

Production Company: Imperative Pictures

Executive Producer: Alex Lebosq

Writer/Director: Graham Streeter

Cast: Zane Haney, Zoë Papia, Damon McKinnis, Noah Toth.

IMDb quick link:  Imperative Pictures

Status: Post Production

Release Date: 2023