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!p: The essential element used to render films with a deeper sense of compassion and understanding to advance a more diverse and tolerant world.

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Imperative Pictures is an award winning creative one-stop in-house company offering services ranging from script development to pre-production, directorial, editorial to post production supervision.  We create compelling feature narratives that cleverly illuminate socially conscious issues using the !p element.



Graham Streeter, an American filmmaker, is best known for his award winning feature films I May Regret (2019), Imperfect Sky (2016), Blind Malice (2013). academically acclaimed documentary Boys in Peril (2013) and Cages (2006) featuring Zelda Rubinstein and Oscar Nominee Mako Iwamatsu.

In his teens, Graham lived in Japan for 10 years, working with Japanese television before returning to the USA.

Graham continued to direct and produce for Nippon Television Los Angeles and New York Bureau  for another 10 years before launching Imperative Pictures in 2000.


Executive Producer

As a TV Commercial Producer and Business Affairs Manager, Napa, Ca native Alex is most proud of his role in the execution of the iconic Apple TV campaigns, which include Mac vs PC, iPod Silhouette, and the groundbreaking launch of the iPhone.

Alex inked his legacy in advertising when he joined Apple in-house to work with Apple Music and Beats by Dre before making the full transition to independent films.

Alex is now Executive producer at Imperative Pictures where he produced the feature films Blind Malice (2013), Imperfect Sky (2016), I May Regret (2019), and Unfix (2023)

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