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EXT Apartment
INT Apartment
EXT Apartment Rooftop
EXT Cafe
INT Cafe and Back Office

EXT College Classroom
INT College Classroom
INT Client's Home
INT Housewife's Home
EXT Ezra's Apartment
INT Ezra's Apartment
EXT House
INT House
EXT Law Firm Office
INT Law Firm Office
EXT Mental Health Care Home
INT Mental Health Care Home
EXT Motel
INT Motel

EXT Pawn Shop

INT Pawn Shop
INT Orin's BedroomEXT Store Parking
INT Orin's Bedroom

INT NY Law Office
INT City Registrar's Office

EXT Youth Hostel
INT Youth Hostel
INT Youth Hostel Bathroom

EXT NY Flop House
INT NY Flop House


INT Apartment - 635 Highland Ave

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